XCCH -  Specialized in producing custom security seals, stainless steel cable tie, stainless steel tag, stainless steel buckle ect.

What about style of eco friendly cable ties by XuanChang Electric Co.,ltd.?
The design style of eco friendly cable ties can be variable yet unique based on customers' exact requirements. On the whole, our designers keep studying great works of all industries such as web design, furniture, architecture, advertising, and art. This can both improve their judge abilities of aesthetic value and make sure our products are designed to keep up with the latest trends. Also, with a consciousness of the color, shape, scale, context, and other details of objects, our designers are more aware of how those details impact the overall design style of the products.
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XuanChang Electric Co.,ltd. has occupied the leading position in pg7 cable gland field for years and remain highly marketable for its cable gland types. XuanChang Electric Co.,ltd.'s main products include double head cable ties series. Flammability tests were conducted on XCCH stainless hose clamp to prevent fires caused by smoldering cigarettes or smokers'matches or lighters. XuanChang Electric Co.,ltd. has a knowledgeable talent team and a stable and reliable production line.
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Our goal is to supply the immaculate quality of products to gain the trust of our national and international customers.

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